Evaluate risks, price derivatives, structure trades,
and build your intuition quickly and easily

A new textbook on financial engineering by Philip Maymin
published by World Scientific Publishing
available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Blackwell's (UK), and more.

This book teaches financial engineering the way in an innovative way: by providing tools and a point of view to quickly and easily solve real front office problems. Projects and simulations are not just exercises in this book, but its heart and soul. You as the reader, whether a student or a practitioner, will not only gain the intuition and expertise to be able to answer general complex questions about risk and finance, you will also learn how to make reasonable inferences based on incomplete information, thus making you extraordinarily valuable to banks, brokerage houses, trading floors, and hedge funds.

Sample chapters available (PDF): Foreword, Table of Contents, Chapter 6, Chapter 9

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